Gender Dysphoria

English Gender Dysphoria

A sense of discomfort felt by individuals due to a mismatch between their true gender identity and the roles assigned at birth is called gender dysphoria.

Usage in sentence:

  • Gender dysphoria can affect many aspects of life, including daily activities.
  • Thousands of people worldwide are suffering from gender dysphoria. 
  • One can experience gender dysphoria from a young age. 

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Gender interacts with but is different from biological sex. Socially constructed characteristics, such as attitudes, behaviors, norms, and roles, assigned to men, women, etc. are collectively understood as gender.


Men who are attracted to other men. This attraction could be sexual or romantic or both.


Women who are attracted to other women. Attraction could be romantic or sexual or both.


People attracted to two or more genders. This attraction could be sexual or romantic or both.


It is an umbrella term for people who deviate from the norm of cisheterosexuality.